Woman Scream 2018-Peth-Australia

We had a fantastic event in Perth with a strong line-up of women poets and spoken word artists, giving voice to narratives which have been silenced.  This year WA Poets Inc opted for a women-only cast of performers. There feature poets were Elise Kelly (Australia), Marziya Mohammedani (Kenya), Zainab Syed (Pakistan), Sandie Walker (Aus). Eleven more women performed their work to the theme of ‘Flashlights of Hope’: Christine Della Vedova, Ann Gilchrist, Georgia Hooper, Rafeif Ismail (Sudanese Australian), Annette Mullumby, Zan Ross (US), Maggie Van Putten (US), Rose Van Son and Jan Napier. 

45 women and 30 men attended ‘Woman Scream: Flashlights of Hope’ at the Moon. As an organiser and host, I provided information on the origins of Woman Scream and listed other ‘Woman Scream’ events happening around the world that same day. I mentioned the massive walk-out of 5.3 million women in Spain on International Women’s Day, which was met with tremendous applause. Further into the readings I asked all men in the audience to stand up, and we collectively thanked them for listening and told them they are important allies in this ongoing struggle.

Jane Cornes represented a local women’s refuge ‘Starick’ to talk about the importance of their work and where they need support, and collected over A$400 in cash donations.

Tineke Van der Eecken
Organiser for WA Poets Inc


"On Saturday 10th March 2018 the back room at the Moon Cafe in Northbridge had a full house for 'FLASHLIGHTS OF HOPE', a 'woman scream' event promoted by WA Poets Inc. Poetry focused on a spectrum of women's issues, highlighting both individual cases and shared concerns and experiences. The event was presented by an impressive line up of female poets from around the globe. Voices from various age groups, ethnicity and style reflected the diversity AND the unity of womanhood. There were multi generational attendees and it was wonderful to also have the support of many men in an enthusiastic audience.  Donations were received towards 'Starick', a local women's refuge.” Ann Gilchrist

“The event highlighted for me how much women's viewpoints had been silenced and suppressed. I heard their fierce truths in a refreshing and beautiful variety of poetic forms."
Adam Bennett

"An amazing afternoon at The Moon Cafe, William Street, Northbridge (WA Poets Inc) 2-4pm last Saturday afternoon (10 march 2018), organised by Tineke van der Eecken and Maddie Godfrey. The theme 'Torchlight of Hope' - wonderful poems to inspire women and men in society's fight on Violence Against Women. So many beautiful, strong, female voices; and the Moon Cafe was full; people standing in the aisles. You could have heard a pin drop when the poems were read. A beautifully organised event. I was honoured to be one poetry voice among so many amazing poets.”
Rose Van Son

2nd. International Encounter of Women Poets International Movement and Woman Scream 2018 Opening

General program of the 2nd. International Encounter of Women Poets International Movement MPI Inc. and the opening of the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) International Poetry and Arts festival 2018: “Flashlights of Hope”, in honor of mothers around the world. Toluca-México

(From the 1st to the 5th of March)

Details at calendar menu.

Participants: National and foreign poets and artists, friends, collaborators and followers of the Woman Scream cause worldwide.

Note: The participation program is now complete. Thank you for helping us spread the word in all possible media, and for your assistance in supporting this beautiful cause.


March 1, 2018

-Cultural tour through the city of Mexico.

-Presentation of our Anthology “Faros de Esperanza” (Flashlights of hope), homage to mothers. Centro Cultural Jose Martí. 12:30 pm

-Poetry reading and artistic presentation at the Sala Adamo Boari, Palace of Fine Arts, México city. Time: 4:00 p.m. (Open to the public)


March 2, 2018

- Cultural meeting in Toluca and Tenango del Valle of poets and artists invited with students from different schools. 10:00 am

-Concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Mexico. Concert Hall Felipe Villanueva. 7:00 p.m. (Gala dress, by invitation)


March 3, 2018

-Recital Opening Woman Scream 2018: "Flashlights of Hope". Botanical Garden Cosmovitral. 9:30 am- 12:00 pm
(Open to the public)

-Awarding ceremony with featured Woman Scream collaborators. Recital of poetry and music 6:00 pm-9: 00 pm. José María Velazco Museum (By invitation)


March 4, 2018

-Exhibition of luxury vehicles by the Friends of the Mustang Club.
(By choice, free morning to get to know the city) from 10:00 am. Zócalo de Toluca.

-Expo "Faros de Esperanza" by the Dominican painter Yan Páez. Poetic Recital-Musical at Plaza Las Américas Metepec, 3 pm. at 6pm. (Open to the public).


March 5th

Farewell-Return. Optional tour around the city for those who wish to stay longer.

New Woman Scream anthology!

Congrats! the #womanscream cause #gritodemujer has got a new poetry anthology to honor girls around the world with the best poems read at some of the events from march 2017..."Muñecas" (Dolls) is available in Amazon, hurray for this new gift!






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Woman Scream 2017, Polokwane-South Africa

We (Slam Emporium PLK) wish to confirm having hosted and event for the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival in Polokwane, South Africa on 25 March 2017 at the Inner City Car Wash in Polokwane.

The event featured female poets from around Polokwane namely, Vivienne Maya Kambwiri, Nthabiseng (Kiowa) Masalesa (Winner of the 2016 Slam Emporium Goddess of the Mic Annual Slam), Lesego Mokumo and Mercy Dhliwayo (a.k.a Xtreme Sanity, co founder of the Slam Emporium PLK) as well as two female guests from outside Polokwane, namely Nyakallo from Qwaqwa and Lindokuhle (Kush) Malahleka from Kwazulu Natal.

The show also featured performances by supporting male poets who opened the show as "curtain raisers"  such as Thomas Masingi, Thabo Alpheus Chabalala, Selby Thato Kupa, and Polokwane based dance-hall artist Jah Mercifull and renowned rapper Necrophonic Skills who closed the show with musical performances.

The event was an outdoor event and it rained on the day but the rain did not stop the show as performers continued with their performances from the car wash veranda against the backdrop of raindrops. Attached herein below are some of the photographs from the event.

Woman Scream 2017 Saint Petersburg Russia

Report on the Festival of poetry Woman Scream 2017 in St. Petersburg Russia

The event took place on March 31 2017. The venue was, as in all the previous years, at the Adelante, the center of Spanish language and culture.
This year there were ten competitors, three of them being our previous years’ participants.
The discovery of this year’s festival was Irina Kuksha, who presented her poem in Russian and in English, both excellently written.
The organizers and the jury were :
  1. Natalia Alexandrova, Associate Professor of the Academic University, Russian Academy of sciences
  2. Marina Drobysheva, Associate Professor, Alexander Pushkin Humanitarian University
  3. Ilya Kolodiazhny, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University (jury)

The program included :
  • A short story of the International Festival Woman Scream, and the story about  how Teresa Calderon started it in St. Petersburg , by Natalia Alexandrova
  • The recital of a poem by the early 20th century poet  Igor Severianin, performed by a student Vladislav Golubtsov
  • The competitors read their poems
  • The jury spoke about the nuances of writing poetry, and announced the winners
  • The winners received certificates and prizes (mugs)
  • An informal talk and exchange of opinions, with wine and cakes.
Coordinator Natalia Alexandrova

Woman Scream 2017 Macedonia


“Woman Scream Festival” of the Republic of Macedonia, was held on Tuesday, March 28 , at various locations , and with different activities, at MKC Club & Restaurant, Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, MKC Djebno kino and in the "Fantast" Art Studio in TC Biser, Skopje, under the slogan "20 days after the March 8 and what have we done?"

It was organized and coordinated by Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, with co-coordination of the Justicija Organization.

The festival was held to raise awareness of gender equality and against gender-based violence, and against violence on little girls. It was attended by women and men from all artistic fields.

Video projections of the NGOs for women's rights – HERA and ESE were presented in MKC Djebno kino, where the panelists: Biljana Dukovska from the Macedonian platform against poverty – MAPP, Marija Savovska from the Akcija Zdruzenska, and Biljana Stramshak Gjurovska, debated on three different topics: women and poverty, women and single-parenting, and society’s invisible women. "20 days after the March 8 and what we have done?"., all in favour of gender equality, combating domestic violence and women's rights as the basis for a justice in society.

Eminent poets: Renata Penchova, Marina Mijakovska, Cvetanka Koleva, Natasha Sardjoska, Vasilka Golubova, Cathy Jovanova, Simona Tasheva, Xhabir Deralla, Diana Petkova, D. A. Lori, Olivera Docevska , Elena Prendjova, Dragica Najceska, Irena Jurcheva and Filip Kletnikov, performed their poetic copyright works at the MKC Club restaurant. A violin concert was held there, too, by the violinist Shkelzen Pajaziti.

A mini-exhibition of the eminent artists: Emilija and Stojche Tocinovski (acrylic paper), Ana Rankovitch (watercolor paper) Ganna Mozgova (mixed media) and Ivana Apostolova Baskar took place on the event scene in the "Fantast" Art Studio, TC Biser, Skopje.

A fashion show under the motto "Women Scream" by the fashion designers Sara Redzik –Atelje Sari G and Magdalena Tanevska – Magda, brought to the finish line the formal part of the event, where all continued to listen to Latin music at the MKC Club Restaurant. The event was supported by Civil – Center for freedom, Civil Media, and the photographer Bibe Jordanovska by providing recording and photography.

The organization that supported the event were: Elena Luka Foundation, Fashionel, MKC Club & Restaurant, MKC (Djebno kino), "Fantast" Art Studio, Civil – Center for Freedom,, Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platforme –  MAPP, YENİ Yildiz TÜRK Derneği – "New Star" Turkish Association, Justicia NGO, Association HERA, Association ESE and Municipality Center of Skopje.

Jael Uribe wins the Freedom of Expression Award 2016 In Norway

The Dominican poetess Jael Uribe, founder of the Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional-MPI, Inc,) and creator of the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival (Grito de Mujer), has just been awarded the "Freedom of Expression Award 2016" (Ytringsfrihetsprisen) annually granted by the Norwegian Authors' Union together with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. The award is given to Norwegian or foreign writers whose work in defense of human rights have excelled in the protection of freedom of expression and tolerance in the broadest sense.

Both international committee and the national council of the Norwegian Authors' Union have stated, that they were very impressed with Uribe’s magnificent work and activities, and the manner she has achieved, through the projects she has created, to emphasized the focus on women and children and the way she speaks up for their rights.

Jael Uribe is the first Dominican writer, as well as the first Latin-American woman to receive this award. She shares the honor with the Latin-American writers Yehude Simon Minaro from Peru, and Normando Hernández González from Cuba, along with twenty other authors and activists from all over the world. Jael Uribe was the guest of honor to the Norwegian Authors' Union Annual Assembly and gala dinner, and traveled there to receive the prize in person and pronouced her acceptance speech in front of an audience of 150 writers members of the union. She was followed by a presentation of her projects introduced by Helena Stagkouraki, Woman Scream coordinator in Greece, and a poetry recital of her poetry in Spanish and Norwegian. The event took place last Saturday 25th of March 2017 in Oslo, Norway.

The Freedom of Expression Award was a gift from the Ministry of Culture to the Norwegian Authors' Union, on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of its founding since 1993.

About Jael Uribe

Jael is a Poet, writer, publicist and graphic designer. She was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Leader of the Women Poets International Movement (MPI) and creator of the Grito de Mujer, Woman Scream International Festival of Poetry and Arts.

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Woman Scream 2017 Mumbai India

Mumbai, India had also participated in the 7th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival. Two poetry readings were held on March 16 & 18, 2017: March 2017 has been very special for US, as WE formed bonds with interesting groups and organizations, celebrating them with poetry and conversation. Eminent as well as emerging poets came together to  speak up for an equal & safe world for women. 

'Poetic Justice' on March 16, was collaboration between Women Empowered-India (WE), MPI's 'Woman Scream 2017, and the US Consulate in Mumbai. The sessions were Readings from Erotext & Fractals by Sudeep Sen, Spiritual Bonds - Poetry That Heals, with Anju Makhija,  Priya Sarukkai Chabria ( her poems were read by Sudeep & Smeetha as she could not be present) and Vinita Agarwal; moderated by Sudeep Sen, Tracing Trails - In Search of Roots, with Nabina Das  Gayatri Chawla Smeetha Bhoumik  moderated by Bina Sarkar Ellias, Women Today - Ties That Bind, with Sanjeev Khandekar,  Smita Sahay, Sharon Irani,  moderated by Vinita Agarwal.

As part of Women Scream 2017, 'WE Speak Out' was held on March 18 at Kitabkhana, with conversations, readings & a book launch; where poets-authors shared their thoughts on equal rights issues, on a journey towards an equal world. The poets-authors are Sudeep Sen  Vinita Agarwal  Smita Sahay  Smeetha Bhoumik  Sharon Irani  Mahesh Leelapandit  Ramneek Singh  Shuchi Mehta Ankita Shah  Trupthi Shetty  Damini Kane  Harnidh Kaur  Mrinalini Harchandrai Priyal Panchal Prakriti Kargeti  

The evening, saw the Mumbai launch of Erotext, Sudeep Sen's new poetry collection, followed by an illuminating conversation around the book with Smita Sahay & Sharon Irani. Describing the evening, Prof Ashwani Kumar puts it so warmly:  '.....enjoyed “word by word, line by line” empowering feminist justice poetry from the Generation Next and Sudeep’s sublime ‘Ero Text’ a lexical and axial delight and wonder…' He then quotes from  'I Lalla', (The Poems of Lal Ded translated by Ranjit Hoskote):

I burnt the dirt from my mind,
 a knife in my heart,
Spread my skirt to kneel at His door. 
Only then did Lalla’s name travel from mouth to mouth.

WE are extremely fortunate to have the support and participation of Womaninc, and other like-minded community groups. It's a pleasure extending our heartfelt thanks to all poets & authors who read, and to all those who graced the occasion with their presence.

Women Empowered-India (WE) is comprised of you, and we are deeply aware of the brilliance, kindness, love and warmth that shines on WE because of you.... 

Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal  Bob McKerrow  Menka Shivdasani Upal Deb  Arundhathi Subramaniami  Priya Sarukkai Chabria  Gjv Prasad Anju Makhija Ashwani Kumar Bina Sarkar Ellias Sudeep Sen  Hemant Divate  Nabina Das   Smruti Divate  Anjali Purohit  Vinita Agrawal Rochelle Potkar Taseer Gujral SoniaRao Sanjeev Khandekar  Jennifer Robertson  Sumana Roy  Smita Sahay, Gayatri Chawla, Sharon Iranii, Pervin Saket, Smriti Smriti Shetty Dalvii,  Sucharita Balraj  Mahesh Leelapandit, Trupthi Shetty, Ankita Shah  Ramneek Singh Shuchi Mehta  Damini Kane Priyal Panchal, Prakriti Kargeti, Harnidh Kaur & Mrinalini Harchandraii....many other friends, poets, beautiful people...

In our conversation 'Self-Expression in Feminism', Vinita Agarwal began by mentioning that self expression in feminism is not a new phenomenon. She quoted the rebellious poetry of Therigatha -  a collection of Buddhist feminist verses written by women who chose the spiritual path written 2600 years ago during the times of Buddha. She revealed how poetry heals and alleviates the suffering of women to some extent at least, and spoke of the beautiful bonds that women create by sharing poetry; she then read an extract from a poem by Anu Mahadev, (editor -  Smita Sahay read a poem by Sumana Roy in Veils, Halos & Shackles, which always elicits a startled response in listeners - immense sadness and an awareness of all the fleeting beauty amidst it. I spoke about the need to undrestand and define our own feminism, instead of trying to fit into a given set of descriptions by others.

To conclude, let me leave you with this beautiful prose-poem from Erotext by Sudeep Sen :

Night Shot,  Krusevo

Night fell gently on Krusevo, and with it came the heavy-duty chill. I descended one of the streets - a long stairway - bold granite cut and joined at impossible angles that led to the town centre...
Had it not been for the teenagers who gathered in the town square to liven up the weekend, one would almost have mistaken the place for a ghost town.

I walked up and down the many Hill paths that knit the town together. I came upon many...  
Prilep and the surrounding villages glittered in incandescent light like a vast shifting swarm of glow-worm. ...

A shooting star from the middle of the sky scattered westwards before disappearing in a flash.  I held its trajectory in my memory and then in my hand, closed my fists, and made a wish, for peace. Somehow one tends to start with the smallest and most recognizable constellations in hand - my immediate family, my best friends and then others.

At a cafe bar off the town square, my friend Zoran and I…

Two linden trees...

When I ordered brandy...

Our chairs were perfectly placed to watch the street life - ...

From a house close by,  a beautiful peach-skinned Macedonian woman strutted out of the door with her mother sternly inquiring behind her : ' When will you be back home?' 'Seven in the morning,' she replied, walking away without looking back. The young men and women of the town were going to the central square, preening in full flight. The same time-worn courting rituals were enacted - some were successful, others went home disappointed. But the night's hopeful light at least provided them with an escape - fantasy is an important ingredient for survival in these times.

Smeetha Bhoumik

Woman Scream 2017 | Zambia | Zimbawe

The GirlChildCreativity Project which is a Zimbabwe arts, Literary  arts and girl child project is combining hands  with  a High School in  Livingstone , Zambia to host  the  Women Scream  International Poetry Festival celebrated worldwide every year to celebrate women issues through Creativity and Poetry. The GirlChildCreativity Project founded by Poet Mbizo Chirasha is  curating the Zimbabwe , Zambia region  for the Festival and this year on the 9th  of March Livingstone is hosting  the Event. The event is dubbed  Girls Rights  and Poetry . It will be in workshop form  and they will be a writers session for participants and reading session to cap up the event  that is coordinated Mr Milimo Chinimbwa who is a committed Zambia Poet , Educationist and Head of Literary Arts Cluster at the Technical High School.



Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival is the best Initiative over. Here we are going train young girls in school poetry writing and performance. This will help them get a platform and be equipped to have their own voice and space against any form of abuse. Girls abuse is a very serious issue in central and southern Africa hence the importance of this event.

Event Program- Woman Scream 2017

Date – the event took place in Livingstone, the border town of   Zimbabwe and Zambia last  THURSDAY the 9th of March 2017, the Venue vas the HILL CREST HIGH SCHOOL – LIVINGSTONE at 10 to 1500 Hrs. The Director of Ceremonies was MC States Chinimbwa.

PROGRAM- 2 hr  Training Workshop  on Poetry and Girls Rights  and 1 hr Readings by Young Writers and VISITING WRITERS.

10am – 10.15 – Remarks by Host  and Participants Coordinator- MC States Chinimbwa
10.15- 1030-  Background detail on Women Scream by the Curator
1030- 10.40– Reading  of girl child  short story by one of  the participants
1040- 11.00 – Tea Break
1100.1300-  Training workshop on Poetry and Girls Rights by  the Event Curator assisted by MC States Chinimbwa.
1300- 1400 – Lunch Break
Closing Remarks by the  Host and Participants Coordinator- MC States Chinimbwa.

About the Woman Scream 2017: A Scream for Girls

The Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional, MPI Inc.) in partnership with the Grito de Mujer® (Woman Scream) brand reported that over 30 countries will be part of the 7th. Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2017 under the motto: A Scream of freedom, to honor all the little girls of the world. Woman Scream will be celebrated from 1st to 31st of March 2017, with the participation of poets, artists and solidarity institutions.

Woman Scream 2017 will as every year, take its worldwide chain with over 200 different cities. It is organized with the altruistic support and solidarity of outstanding public and private organizations, artists and literary groups in several countries.

The participating countries for this March 2017 will be: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Portugal, Haiti, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, Macedonia, Luxembourg, among others.

Woman Scream is a free entry festival, open to the general public and includes an entertaining cultural program of scenic arts, music, dance, performance and poetry with social awareness. This year, the festival will abroad themes referring to girls such as: early pregnancy, child abuse, forced labor, Human Rights, etc.

More details about Woman Scream Festival by visiting the webpage

Or the blog in English